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Welcome! to admirigyou's blog (name was a typo it was suppose to be admiringyou oooppps) There is something to be said about society and the dating scene. My perspective has always been that women tend to look for men based on their income, height, size, looks, meterial possessions and wealth. There is a lack of acceptance of personality and taking someone for who they are as they are and not what you can find outside of the man himself. Men are not immune to their search in women neither. Men tend to look at women based on their hair color, eye color, body size and shape, breast size or their backside measurements (the ass). Men tend to take women as if they are a prized trophy telling others about how "Hot" his woman is. Have we all forgotten about the internal beauty and the wealth that is held inside versus whats on the outside or material assests. I will have to say that it is men who seems to have the disadvantage in the dating world. Men are the ones who have to initiate then wait for an answer yes or no from the woman rather than it being equal on both sides. From my perspective as a short person I noticed that women taller than me for example are not interested yet its very hard to find a woman who is shorter, I am not saying taller women are bad but they want guys taller than them and of course depending on your view being short talking to a taller woman means I am having a conversation with her breasts or having to look up all the time some men may like that concept but I don't think many women appreciate men staring at or talking to their breasts. In conclusion, as humans we tend to be picky sometimes, too picky but if we get to particular then we narrow our search for the person to date, fall in love with, marry, or just have a casual relationship with. I could be wrong or I am getting too old to understand society in its current state.

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